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a 90-day bootcamp for women restarting their career career after a personal break, through coaching, community, and creative frameworks

Created by a world-class team who’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world.



/stri stɑːtə/

Noun: a woman who is looking to restart her career after a personal break from work.

This course is for you if:

You are a woman looking to relaunch your career - whether rejoining a job, starting your freelancing gig, or launching a business.

You’ve faced the following barriers during these changing times:

  • I don't know if companies will be willing to hire me? What roles should I be looking at? What if I want to restart my career path, afresh?

  • How do I leverage my strengths to start a freelancing gig or a business? What should I build/sell?

  • I know what I want to build, but I don't know what all it takes to get started. 

  • I’m struggling with tech overwhelm.

  • I can’t get started on restarting my career

  • How to reach customers when I don’t have a big email list?

  • Wondering if people will buy my product.

If you find yourself struggling with these thoughts then the  StreeStart Bootcamp may be exactly what you need. Our program integrates your life, work, and wellbeing. 



You will identify a clear career restart path


You will create an action plan to get started on that career path 


Apply creative marketing and sales hacks to get company interviews and clients.

(even during this crisis)

About us
About our Program

How it Works ?

Our 12-week program includes:

         Twice a week of 60-90 minute online classes over Zoom.

         Worksheets, templates, and toolkits to get you started right away. 

         Access to coaches and the class via Whatsapp and community groups throughout the week.

Phase 1: Craft
  • Discover your strengths and passions and map them to your needs and constraints.

  • A clear roadmap of your next steps.

Phase 2: Launch
  • Build the mindsets and the systems that help you deal with challenges that come our way and get better every single day

  • Build processes that help you connect with your audience for free. Build your sales and marketing system and test it.

Phase 3: Succeed
  • Build your personal brand. Set yourself up to succeed.

  • Get your first few interviews or clients  



Anshu Jhunjhunwala - Entrepreneur. Mother. Streestarter


Our special Crisis Bootcamp is made affordable by The Draper Group. 


In a time like this, the question on everyone's mind is: how do I take back control of my financial freedom?

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